Simplify:  Why it makes sense to have a portable countertop washing machine.

Need to wash in a hurry but don’t want the hassle of going to the Laundromat? Are you in a college dorm, or living on your own in an apartment? Retired? No matter your age, running out of funds on your laundry card often occurs and quite inconveniently prior to payday. So does running out … Read more

The new normal in washing machines; It’s a game-changer

Minimalist Wash

How Portable Washers are changing the status quo. These are not your Grandma’s washing machines. A new washer can cost anywhere from $800 to 2000.  Then you pay $100+ for delivery and $35-50 for the hookup. You may need to buy a special warranty.  Later, when your life changes again, you may move across the … Read more