Step-by-step bucket laundry

Congratulations. You have just purchased your new bucket washer and assembled it. Now what?  In laundering, as in life, it’s all about the preparation: What others say about the bucket-washer:  What to expect:  The good news: The bad: The ugly: Mold is a health hazard.  To avoid mold accumulation inside your machine, be sure you … Read more

The new normal in washing machines; It’s a game-changer

Minimalist Wash

How Portable Washers are changing the status quo. These are not your Grandma’s washing machines. A new washer can cost anywhere from $800 to 2000.  Then you pay $100+ for delivery and $35-50 for the hookup. You may need to buy a special warranty.  Later, when your life changes again, you may move across the … Read more